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August 24, 2023

Discover the prices of dental implants: The Transformation of Your Smile

Before delving into the details surrounding the world of Tijuana Dental Implants, it is essential to fully understand what they are and what their essential characteristics are. Dental implants, authentic modern marvels, are presented as screws made of pure titanium or alloys of this material with other metals.

Its function goes beyond mere dental replacement since its main purpose is to replace the lost tooth with an artificial replica that looks indistinguishable from the original.

This process begins with a surgery that places the implant in the jaw or maxilla, skillfully fixing it to the bone. Immediately afterward, the dental crown takes center stage, displaying its aesthetics and functionality to turn that space into a restored and complete smile.


How much does a dental implant cost?

The prices of dental implants are a factor that naturally comes into consideration when considering this process. Although prices can vary according to the needs of each patient, the general average in Tijuana is between 250 and 2000 dollars.

It is crucial to emphasize that only a properly prepared specialist should carry out this procedure. Each case is unique and deserves an individualized evaluation to establish an optimal treatment plan and provide a price adjustment for each situation.

To estimate the price of dental implants, an in-depth evaluation of the needs of each patient will be made. In this way, we will be able to identify the type of treatment that best suits the patient and thus we will be able to calculate the price of the dental implants that will best suit the patient in question.

Our mission is to offer a service and a product of the highest quality.


The Distinctive Features of the treatment

Dental implants, beyond their functional aspect, stand out for features that elevate them to a higher status in modern dentistry:


  • Esthetics and Functionality Equivalent or Superior to a Natural Tooth.
  • Absence of Pain and Comfort, in Contrast with Removable Prostheses.
  • Unmatched Firmness when Anchored to the Bone.
  • Simple Maintenance, Parallel to Natural Teeth.
  • Biocompatibility, Guaranteeing Tolerance by the Organism.
  • The Transcendent Benefits of Dental Implants


The benefits of using dental implants in Tijuana

Dental implants trigger a series of benefits that reconfigure the experience of oral health and quality of life:

  • Suppression of the Discomforts of a Removable Prosthesis.
  • Prevention of Damage to Adjacent Teeth and Bone Loss.
  • Full Recovery of the Enjoyment of Favorite Foods.
  • Lifetime Durability with Proper Care.
  • Restoration of an Aesthetic and Pleasant Smile.


Techniques Used in Dental Implants

In the wide spectrum of dental implant techniques, our Tijuana dentist discover possibilities that adapt to different needs:


Unitary Dental Implants: The answer to the loss of a single dental piece.

Bridge with Dental Implants: Solution for the loss of more than two teeth.

“All on Four” Dental Implants: Complete prosthesis with only 4 implants.

Mini Dental Implants: Alternative for patients with bone loss.


Dental implants Tijuana not only restore smiles, but they also transform lives. Blending innovation, aesthetics, and functionality, these modern advancements not only help restore confidence in your smile but also redefine how you enjoy everyday life.

At Dental Project, we are committed to providing you with the best dental implant experience, where each smile is a masterpiece of precision and exceptional care.

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Price List

DiagnosticsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Initial exam and evaluation$40$15073%
Specialist evaluation$60$20070%
Full mouth set of X-rays$20$15086%
CT-scan / 3D exam$100$40075%
CleaningDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Regular teeth cleaning$60$15060%
Deep cleaning per quadrant / Scaling and Root planing (specialist)$110$35079%
Periodontal maintenance$80$20060%
Periodontal treatmentDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Soft Tissue Graft (per tooth)$550$150063%
Specialist evaluation$60$20070%
Bone Graft (per area)$400$150073%
Sinus Lift (transcrestal approach)$500$120058%
Sinus Lift (individual / lateral window)$1,200$250052%
WhiteningDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Office whitening$200$50060%
Home kit whitening$180$40055%
Aesthetic fillingsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
1 surface composite filling (tooth color like)$60$20070%
2 surfaces composite filling (tooth color like)$80$25068%
3 surfaces composite filling (tooth color like)$100$30066%
4 surface composite filling (tooth color like)$120$35065%
Dental crowns and VeneersDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Porcelain fused to metal crown$395$75047%
E-max crown (metal free)$500$120058%
Zirconia crown (metal free)$500$120058%
Inlay / Onlay$450$90050%
Composite veneer$200$50060%
Porcelain veneer$495$1,10055%
Root CanalsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Anterior tooth (1 root)$260$95072%
Posterior premolar or molar (2 or 3 roots)$300$1,15058%
Post core$120$30033%
Build up$100$30033%
ExtractionsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Simple tooth extraction$80-120$20033%
Surgical tooth extraction$150$35057%
Wisdom tooth (partially erupted)$250$60058%
Wisdom tooth (non erupted)$300$75060%
Bone graft$400$150073%
I.V. sedation (first two hours)$600$150060%
DenturesDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Complete denture (upper or lower)$450$95050%
Partial denture acrylic$250$50050%
Partial denture flexible material$400$85054%
Snap on denture$900$230060%
Temporary (flipper)$200$30033%
Dental ImplantsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Titanium Dental Implant$850$235063%
Implant abutment$280$70064%
Zirconia crown for implant$550$150063%
Full price (dental implant + abutment + crown)$1680$4,00058%
Bone graft (including collagen membrane)$400$150073%
Dentures over ImplantsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Full arch removable denture over 2 implants

(Includes implants + abutments + denture)

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price
Full arch removable denture over 4 implants

(Includes implants + abutments + denture)

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price
Full arch fixed 4-6 implants (including extractions, bone surgery, bone grafts, and final metal/acrylic denture)

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price
Upgrade for metal fused porcelain full denture

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price
Upgrade for Zirconia full denture

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price