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Dental Project Mexico dental implant 1.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have become the best option for tooth replacement, replacing both the root and the crown.

Dental implants are titanium posts placed into the bone jaw beneath your gums to receive and support a new tooth; it’s essential to ensure the patient’s health and bone volume are candidates for dental implants.

Dental Project Mexico Prosthetic Dentistry .

Prosthetic Dentistry

When a tooth is significantly compromised because of large decay, severe gum disease, fracture, or if it’s impacted, you may need a surgical procedure. Our oral surgeons will evaluate your case and take care of you.

Dental Project Mexico Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry

These restorations or procedures are responsible for giving your teeth a better look, focusing on improving the position, size, shape, color, and alignment to provide you the smile you always wanted. This treatment includes Whitening, Toot fillings, Veneers, Crowns, and bridges.

Dental Project Mexico Periodontics.


The build-up of dental plaque and calculus can affect surrounding and supporting structures of the teeth, compromising gum health, function, and esthetics.

The treatment may vary depending on how advanced is the gum disease and goes from a regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or gum/bone surgery.

Dental Project Mexico Orthodontics.


Known better as braces, this treatment corrects misaligned teeth and occlusion (the way your bite fits). The primary outcomes besides correct alignment translate in esthetics, healthier mouth, teeth that are easy to clean, improve bite, and self-confidence.

Dental Project Mexico Oral Surgery.

Oral Surgery

When a tooth is significantly compromised because of large decay, severe gum disease, fracture, or if it’s impacted, you may need a surgical procedure. Our oral surgeons will evaluate your case and take care of you.

Dental Project Mexico Endodontics.


Root canal therapy is needed if a large decay, trauma, or chip reaches the pulp of your tooth; the infected pulp can cause symptoms such as pain, sensitivity to temperature, and swelling of the gum mainly. The injured pulp is removed and the root canal cleaned and sealed to preserve and save your natural tooth during the procedure, preventing more extensive and more expensive treatments.

Dental Project Mexico Emergencies.


At Dental Project Mexico, we know that emergencies are not planned, and our work team knows it; We will do everything to schedule an appointment the same day or work overtime to assist you.

Dental Project Mexico Sedation.

Sedation available

Get an extremely comfortable treatment

In partnership with our anesthesiologist, whit the I.V. sedation, we can help you relax during your dental procedures; either due to anxiety, stress to the dental chair, special needs, or a large procedure. We want to offer you the best dental experience possible.

Our Tijuana dentist professionals are ready to help you to improve your smile.


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Price List

DiagnosticsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Initial exam and evaluation$40$15073%
Specialist evaluation$60$20070%
Full mouth set of X-rays$20$15086%
CT-scan / 3D exam$100$40075%
CleaningDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Regular teeth cleaning$60$15060%
Deep cleaning per quadrant / Scaling and Root planing (specialist)$110$35079%
Periodontal maintenance$80$20060%
Periodontal treatmentDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Soft Tissue Graft (per tooth)$550$150063%
Specialist evaluation$60$20070%
Bone Graft (per area)$400$150073%
Sinus Lift (transcrestal approach)$500$120058%
Sinus Lift (individual / lateral window)$1,200$250052%
WhiteningDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Office whitening$200$50060%
Home kit whitening$180$40055%
Aesthetic fillingsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
1 surface composite filling (tooth color like)$60$20070%
2 surfaces composite filling (tooth color like)$80$25068%
3 surfaces composite filling (tooth color like)$100$30066%
4 surface composite filling (tooth color like)$120$35065%
Dental crowns and VeneersDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Porcelain fused to metal crown$395$75047%
E-max crown (metal free)$500$120058%
Zirconia crown (metal free)$500$120058%
Inlay / Onlay$450$90050%
Composite veneer$200$50060%
Porcelain veneer$495$1,10055%
Root CanalsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Anterior tooth (1 root)$260$95072%
Posterior premolar or molar (2 or 3 roots)$300$1,15058%
Post core$120$30033%
Build up$100$30033%
ExtractionsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Simple tooth extraction$80-120$20033%
Surgical tooth extraction$150$35057%
Wisdom tooth (partially erupted)$250$60058%
Wisdom tooth (non erupted)$300$75060%
Bone graft$400$150073%
I.V. sedation (first two hours)$600$150060%
DenturesDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Complete denture (upper or lower)$450$95050%
Partial denture acrylic$250$50050%
Partial denture flexible material$400$85054%
Snap on denture$900$230060%
Temporary (flipper)$200$30033%
Dental ImplantsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Titanium Dental Implant$850$235063%
Implant abutment$280$70064%
Zirconia crown for implant$550$150063%
Full price (dental implant + abutment + crown)$1680$4,00058%
Bone graft (including collagen membrane)$400$150073%
Dentures over ImplantsDental Project PriceUSA pricesSavings
Full arch removable denture over 2 implants

(Includes implants + abutments + denture)

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price
Full arch removable denture over 4 implants

(Includes implants + abutments + denture)

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price
Full arch fixed 4-6 implants (including extractions, bone surgery, bone grafts, and final metal/acrylic denture)

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price
Upgrade for metal fused porcelain full denture

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price
Upgrade for Zirconia full denture

*Per arch (upper or lower)

Full Price