Maybe it’s been a while since your last routine cleaning and your gums are really sore, perhaps you are bleeding while brushing, or may notice bad breath, and even you’ve noticed your teeth shifted or loose.

The build-up of dental plaque and calculus can affect surrounding and supporting structures of the teeth, compromising gum health, function, and esthetic. The treatment may vary depending on how advanced is the gum disease and goes from a regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or gum/bone surgery.

Periodontics in Tijuana
Periodontics in Tijuana

Regular cleaning:

In Dental Project Mexico, we recommend having every six months a routine cleaning and teeth polishing; our specialist will determine the best option for you.

Deep cleaning:

After a full mouth and x-ray examination, our specialist will evaluate if there need to go deeper than a regular cleaning; if that is the case after full local anesthesia, a combination of manual instruments and ultrasonic device gently will get rid of all the harmful bacteria responsible of the gum disease.

Periodontics in Tijuana

Bone and osseous surgery:

In some cases, the periodontal disease affects really deep all the supporting tissues of your teeth; in that case, bone surgery is needed to save most of your teeth; it may be combined with antibiotic treatment and bone graft procedures to reconstruct the damaged tissues.

Gum surgery:

The gummy smile can be treated with a very simple surgical procedure, it’s not invasive, and the recovery is fast, ask our specialist if you are a candidate for this treatment.


What are the symptoms of gum disease?
  • Gums bleed while brushing
  • Bad breath
  • Teeth get loose
Is gum disease common?

Yes, over 50% of adults had gingivitis, and subgingival calculus was present in 67% of the population.

How often do I need a cleaning?

In Dental Project Mexico we recommend to have every 6 months a routine cleaning.

Can i lose my theet if idont take care of my periodontal/gum disease?

Yes, if the gum disease is severe, we can lose some teeth or even all of them.


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