2023 Braces in Tijuana guide.

In most cases, people tend to have crooked teeth; this is because skeletal abnormalities occur during childhood that prevents the correct position of the teeth. To solve this problem, orthodontics and braces in Tijuana are the specialties in charge of correcting the position of the teeth for dental, periodontal, and joint health aesthetics.

We know that crooked teeth make people lose confidence in their smiles, avoiding showing their teeth as much as possible, which can be a bit annoying at times. However, thanks to orthodontics, they will be able to solve their confidence problem, but they will also enjoy other benefits that this treatment covers for the patient’s oral health.


What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is the specialty that is responsible for diagnosing, correcting, and even preventing anomalies in the position, shape, and function of the teeth in chewing functions. Some of the most common anomalies are:

  • Misalignment or crowding of the teeth.
  • Advanced or delayed position of the teeth concerning the jaws.
  • Displacement of one of the two jaws.

Although this treatment can be carried out at any age, it is most recommended to be applied during childhood since it is the moment when the teeth can be molded more easily and in less time. For this reason, dentists recommend screening children as young as six years of age.

Orthodontic treatments can be:

Interceptive: When they are carried out when the child is in temporary dentition or in the renovation process, aimed at resolving derived incipient malocclusion.

Corrective: This type of treatment is when a previous interceptive treatment has not been carried out, or it has not been enough to prevent the malocclusion, and the objective of the treatment is to resolve the alteration definitively. For this type of treatment, it is advisable to start it between 10 and 12 years of age.


What are the types of appliances used in orthodontic treatment?

During orthodontic treatments, two different types of appliances can be used that can be chosen by patients, however, it is important to emphasize that one of them is more effective than the other because it does not require constant supervision by the patient. The two types of devices available are:

Fixed braces: It is the most relevant since it allows each dental piece to be moved individually, in any direction in space. They are known worldwide as braces, which are metal pieces that support the arch that produces the displacement of the teeth.

Removable braces: These types of appliances are characterized in that they can be easily removed by the patient, without the help of the orthodontist, to be able to eat and for cleaning. They are generally indicated to correct breathing and swallowing disorders, expand the jaws, create space for future permanent pieces, align the teeth or close open bites.

Why is it important to perform the orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is a very important dental specialty, and many times people do not really know how important they are since they think that it is only an aesthetic treatment, but in reality, it is not just that.

Orthodontics also helps to solve malocclusion problems and correct the position of the bite, things that over time can worsen and degenerate into major problems with very negative consequences for the patient’s oral health. Some of the problems that can be generated by not using orthodontics are:

  • Excessive tooth wear from a bad bite
  • Fractures and chipping of the teeth
  • Pain when opening and closing the jaw
  • Migraines and headaches due to malocclusion
  • Contractures and tension in the cervical
  • Deficiency in dental hygiene due to the difficulty of brushing
  • Increased chance of periodontal disease
  • Increased chance of developing dental cavities
  • Need for orthographic surgery to correct the position of the jawbones

For this reason, it is very important that the patient has regular appointments to assess the need to start orthodontic treatment and to carry it out, carry out all the recommendations for care, hygiene, and supervision of the appliances so that the treatment is effective and ends in the shortest possible time.

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

As we have already mentioned, orthodontic treatment is not only carried out to improve the aesthetics of the patient’s smile, but it also helps repair and prevent bite, jaw, and swallowing problems. Next, we will show you ten benefits of performing orthodontic treatment:

1. Improves the position, function, and aesthetics of the dental pieces

This benefits the most clearly appreciated treatment, therefore improving proper and for which orthodontics is usually requested.

2. Orthodontics improves digestion

A malocclusion can cause food not to be chewed correctly. This makes swallowing and digesting food more difficult. Once the bite is corrected, this problem is also solved.

3. Facilitates dental hygiene

The correct alignment of the dental pieces facilitates oral hygiene and the correct cleaning of the entire oral cavity and, therefore, improves the general condition.

4. Lowers the incidence of cavities

Obviously, by acting as a preventive method, bacterial accumulation is avoided, and the appearance of cavities is reduced. Avoiding cavitiesminimizeswherewith minimizes the risk of losing teeth, with all the benefits that this means in terms of time and money. Not to mention that a healthy tooth is always better than a bridge replacement.

5. Improve speech and pronunciation

This is especially striking in patients with severe malocclusion, where with orthodontics, we improve not only the alignment but also the occlusion relationship of some teeth with others. To speak, the tongue rests on the teeth, and correct alignment and occlusion are essential for correct pronunciation.

6. Reduces the risk of dental trauma

By keeping all the teeth in line and not protruding one more than another, we control the risk of dental trauma, so common in children.

7. Periodontal diseases decrease

Gum pathologies can be very harmful to health. The use of orthodontics significantly reduces the chances of suffering from gingivitis, periodontitis, and other gum ailments. This prevents common conditions such as halitosis or digestive problems due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the gums.

8. Decreases the risk of bone loss

A correct occlusion favors the distribution of the mastication forces in a balanced way. It helps to avoid occlusion trauma and that the teeth receive the forces along their axial axis.

9. Improves the patient’s self-esteem

A patient, who has had problems with malocclusion or crowding, or the wrong position of the teeth, will often feel embarrassed when smiling. In some cases, this feeling even causes complexes.

When the situation changes and their dental health and appearance improve, these complexes disappear and make the patient feel more self-confident and socialize without problems.

10. We get a prettier and healthier smile

We achieve a much prettier smile by improving oral health (of gums and teeth) with alignment. Because at the Carvajal Dental Clinic, we insist that health and aesthetics always go hand in hand.

How long should you wear the braces?

The duration of the orthodontic treatment will depend on several factors such as the patient’s age, the moment in which it begins, the care and use given to the appliances, etc. However, the most straightforward treatments, the most straightforward can generally last between 7 and 12 months, while more complex ones take around 18 to 36 months using braces in Tijuana.

The time can be reduced if the patient uses the braces correctly, takes care of them, has good hygiene, prevents the elastic bands from breaking, and periodically attends the appointments their orthodontist will schedule throughout the treatment.

Why come to Tijuana for an orthodontics Treatment

Mexico and specifically the city of Tijuana, has a great position within the category of dental tourism, and this is mainly because the services are much cheaper than within the United States, in addition to its proximity to the border with the city of San Diego, which makes it a reasonably easy destination for Americans to visit.

The quality of dental services in Tijuana are of the highest quality, and taking into account the difference in treatment prices, they have been a very feasible option for many people looking to save a good amount of money.

At Dental project, we make sure that your visit is as pleasant as possible; in this way, we take care of looking for you directly at the border and taking you to our facilities for your most outstanding comfort and satisfaction during treatment.

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

With the help of our treatments and the correct use of braces in Tijuana, you will be able to regain confidence in your smile, with perfectly aligned teeth that will not only give your smile a better aesthetic but will also help you prevent swallowing problems. 

We are leading dentists in Tijuana, with orthodontic specialists who are prepared to attend to all your requests and help you improve your smile. We have the most competitive prices in the entire city, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your appointment and make a general evaluation for your treatment.


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