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What is a dental implant?

A dental device made of titanium in the form of a screw is used to replace the root of a natural tooth. On top of this device, a crown or prosthesis is placed, which physically resembles the original tooth.

These dental devices are not only practical and aesthetic but can also last a lifetime if given the necessary care, providing equally satisfying or even superior results compared to a natural tooth.



Characteristics of a dental implant

– Implants integrate seamlessly with the body.
– Dental implants are both aesthetic and functional.
– Implants do NOT cause pain or discomfort.
– They are comfortable and do not move as they are fixed to the bone.
– They are easy to maintain, just like natural teeth.
– A dental implant can last a lifetime.

Dental implants represent the most suitable alternative for replacing one or more lost natural teeth.

Dental Implant


Dental Implants


Main Benefits of a Dental Implant:

– Restores chewing function and dental aesthetics.
– Reduces damage to adjacent teeth by preventing bone loss.
– Avoids the need to trim adjacent teeth by not using dental bridges.
– Eliminates the movement and discomfort of a removable prosthesis.
– By restoring your dental health, you can enjoy your favorite foods.
– Achieve a pleasant smile and regain your self-esteem.

Price of a Dental Implant


How much does a Dental Implant cost?

The prices of a dental implant vary depending on the treatment needed for each patient, but on average, the cost ranges between $500 and $2,000 dollars in Tijuana. Only a qualified specialist is authorized to perform this treatment.

Each case is unique, so it is essential to attend an assessment consultation to establish the most suitable treatment plan and obtain a more accurate price.

Before & After| Dental Implants

implante dental antesimplante dental después
Poli implantes dentales antesPoli Implantes dentales Después

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