Can dental implants in Tijuana get cavities?


September 13, 2023

At Dental Project, we’re all about keeping your teeth healthy and answering your questions. One thing people often wonder about Dental Implants in Tijuana is whether they can get cavities. We get it; you want to keep your smile looking great!

Dental Implants in Tijuana: Teeth That Last a Long Time

Dental implants are like super teeth. They’re a great way to replace missing ones, and they last a really long time. Unlike regular teeth, dental implants in Tijuana are made from super-strong titanium, so they don’t get cavities.

Why Dental Implants in Tijuana Don’t Get Cavities

Dental implants don’t get cavities because they’re made in a special way. Unlike your real teeth, they don’t have a part called enamel, which can get hurt by things like bacteria and acids, making cavities. Dental implants are also not affected by something called demineralization, which can harm regular teeth.

Can Dental Implants Get Infected?

Sometimes dental implants can get infected, but this doesn’t happen a lot when you take good care of them and have the surgery done by experts, like the ones at Dental Project. Let’s talk about some things that can cause infections in dental implants:

Causes of Infections in Dental Implants:

1. Bacterial Infection: Infections can happen if tiny germs get into the implant area during or after surgery. This might be because of not keeping your mouth clean or not doing the surgery right.

2. Material Contamination: In rare cases, the dental implant or the tools used during surgery can have tiny germs on them, which might cause an infection.

Taking Care of Your Dental Implants in Tijuana

Even though dental implants don’t get cavities, it’s important to take good care of them. You should keep your mouth clean and see your dentist at Dental Project regularly to make sure your dental implants stay healthy.

Dental Implants in Tijuana


Dental Implants in Tijuana cost

The cost of dental implants can be different depending on your situation and where you get the treatment. At Dental Project, we offer good prices for dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico, and you still get great care and treatment quality.

Compared to other places like the United States, where dental implants can be around $5,000, in Tijuana, they’re about $2,000, but the cost can be different depending on what you need.


So, dental implants are like superhero teeth because they don’t get cavities thanks to the strong titanium they’re made of. But remember, you still need to take care of them to keep your smile looking great. At Dental Project, we’re here to answer your questions and give you the best dental care in Tijuana.

If you want to learn more about dental implants or talk about your treatment options, just get in touch with us. We’re all about helping you keep your smile healthy and awesome at Dental Project, your trusted dental clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

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