Care and maintenance of your dental implants for good oral hygiene


April 29, 2023

It’s important to properly care for your dental implants to maintain good oral hygiene and extend their lifespan. Here are some tips and practices for their care:

Brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing are essential for maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar on teeth and gums. When you have dental implants, it is even more important to care for the area surrounding them to prevent inflammation and infection of the gums.

It is recommended to brush teeth and gums at least twice a day with a soft-bristled brush and use dental floss daily. You can also use an interdental brush or an electric brush to clean between the implants and the gums.

Regular dental visits

Regular dentist consultations are essential for maintaining good dental health and keeping dental implants in good functioning order. Your dentist can evaluate your dental implants to ensure they are in good operating order.

It is recommended that you visit your dentist at least once a year, but if you have dental health issues, you may need to visit more frequently.

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Avoid foods and drinks that can damage your dental implants

Foods and beverages that can harm your dental implants should be avoided. Avoid sticky or hard meals that can put pressure on the implants, and restrict your intake of sugary foods and beverages.

Tobacco and alcohol should also be avoided because they can harm tooth health and raise the risk of infection in the area around the implants.

Special care after dental implants surgery

To ensure optimal recuperation after dental implant surgery, it is critical to carefully follow your dentist’s instructions.

  1. Get ample rest and avoid strenuous physical activity.
  2. During the first few days after surgery, stick to a soft food diet.
  3. During the first few days, avoid brushing the implant area and instead use mouthwashes recommended by your dentist to clean it.
  4. To relieve inflammation and pain, apply ice to the swollen area.
  5. Take your dentist’s prescription medications exactly as directed.

Our professionals dentists will advise you on maintaining proper oral hygiene and extending the life of your implants. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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