How Long Does It Take To Recover After a Root Canal?


December 30, 2023

If your tooth hurts a lot, you might need a root canal. Your dentist will send you to us, and our team can check if a the treatment is needed, not just a simple filling or a crown. We will give you all the information about the root canal and how to get better.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

Let’s see why you might need a root canal. If your tooth hurts a lot and the pain doesn’t go away, you might need an endodontic treatment. Sometimes, a tooth can have a problem inside called pulp. Pulp has important things like nerves and blood vessels that keep your teeth healthy. If the pulp gets swollen or infected, it can be a big problem. An infection can even spread to other teeth and make you sick. To stop that, a root canal is a good idea, especially if your tooth is decayed and the decay is in the pulp, causing an infection. A filling won’t work anymore.

What Happens in a Root Canal?

During the procedure, one of our tooth experts will take out the bad pulp. After that, they will clean the inside of the tooth and remove any leftover stuff. Then, they will close the tooth with special stuff to stop an infection. If needed, they will put a crown on the tooth to protect it from more damage.

How Long Does It Take to Get Better After a Root Canal?

Before your root canal, our team will tell you what to do after to help you get better. Healing after thi procedure is quick. You might feel a little swollen and sensitive when chewing, but if you do what our team says, you should feel normal in a few days. Most things after the treatment are not too bad and can be fixed with over-the-counter medicine.
You need time to heal after this treatment, but you can still do your normal stuff. Most people can go back to work after the procedure.

Tips for Healing Faster

You can also do some things to help you heal faster:

Don’t chew or drink hot things until the numb feeling goes away

Take the medicine your dentist gives you

Use the opposite side of your mouth that had the root canal for a few days

Go back to your dentist to finish fixing your tooth

Avoid things that make you swollen, like spicy food or alcohol

Call us if you have questions or worries

Learn More About Root Canals

If your tooth hurts or you need a checkup, contact us today and make an appointment at Dental Project Mexico in Tijuana. We will talk about what is best for you. If you need a root canal, it’s easy and fast with our good technology and expert team.

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